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Please take a look at these recently discovered flaws on a mining track. What is the cost of non investing in quality testing and examination of tracks.

Heating axles

Please see this train derailment report in Canada from 2004. Hot Box Detectors worked perfectly. The procedure was not fulfilled properly causing tens of thousand of dollars in undue expenses for the Company and risking lives of several.

Railway Investigation report

 What could be done to alleviate such mishandling of procedures ? Evaluating a critical element as the temperature of a roller bearing with hands is inappropriate There should be ways to prevent that. Is there ? Any comments ?

Quality is cheap(er) !

The track had not been inspected for weeks. Heavy haul causes infrastructure to deteriorate faster than anyone can imagine. Analysis of the causes of train accidents is critical for rational allocation of resources to reduce accident occurrence in the most cost-effective manner possible. In the last decade, 15%

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Studies: High Speed Trains

road users disobedience
. the LC protection system does not detect the approaching train
. the gate keeper do not close the LC on time (manually controlled full barriers)
. train driver is not informed about the LC failure state
. missing train audible warning

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