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Land-Air Bus

In 2010 TBS, ( A China based company) designed a vehicle that rolled over traffic. Recently, it proposed a video of a B concept that is longer than the initial one but very attractive for the eye. The Land Air-Bus aims at diminishing traffic in cities. It uses the main structural roads of a city. The installation of the Land Air-Bus needed infrastructure is facilitated, easily built on the existing road structures.

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Urban transit

Since the end of the 19th Century, cities have never stopped growing. A heavy tendency that is not seen to slowdown within any foreseeable future. Mass transit is not luxury, it has become an obvious necessity.

Since 1990, driven car miles have stagnated in all OECD countries. Since 2000, it has started to decline in 75% of those countries. As cities grow in size and population, with suburb areas reaching tens of miles in distance from city centers, so has to follow public mass transit.

With new jobs emerging further and further away from central cities, more and more workers have difficulty accessing job site, training and other services such as childcare because of inadequate transportation.

In addition,

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