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New warnings


An improvement test these six months at rail level crossings to increase safety for motorists in Australia. A radio break-in device has been installed in 22 trains and 23 vehicles identified as regularly using these crossings. The device alerts motorists if there is a train approaching the crossing by wirelessly detecting the vehicle’s location in relation to the train and then uses the vehicle’s radio to broadcast a warning announcement.

EBI Gate 2000 level crossing system

Bombardier Transportation Group has completed testing the EBI Gate 2000 level crossing system in Zmigród, Poland with success. When integrated, the system is capable of receiving information about an obstacle on the level crossing that can be useful in alerting crossing, station or train personnel. The successful testing will provide the foundation to develop a mechanism to inform the train driver about the need to brake.

Security at Level Crossings

As 2014 comes along, what a better time of the year to reiterate efforts have to be made in order to save lives. One fatality remains too many.

 Every year, more than 400 people are killed in over 1,200 accidents at road-rail level crossings in European Union countries alone. Based on statistics collected from several countries, the level crossing with the highest risk is type: automatic LC equipped

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